DIY Upholstery: Transforming Ordinary Chairs into Leather Swivel Marvels

Leather Swivel Chairs

Are you a craft enthusiast and in search for affordable leather chairs, then this guide is completely for you. Here you can get all the details regarding the DIY creativity of the normal chairs into the leather ones.

By converting a simple and daily-use chair into a leather one, it can be a budget-friendly option. There are various creative methods for transforming these chairs into a contemporary and elegant piece. So try different DIY approaches to have a feel and appeal of leather chairs in your home.

Step by Step Guide on Reupholstering Existing Chairs:

Following is a guide on reupholstering the normal chair in your home into a leather one.

1:Take Out Old Fabric:

The first step in reupholstering normal existing chairs is to de assemble the chair and remove its old fabric. While removing the fabric, don’t tear any fabric. There is a black cloth in the base of the chair. Try to loosen the sides of it and remove the cloth carefully.

2:Make a Unique and New Pattern:

Now take the upholstery and lay it in the place of fabric. Make new and stylish patterns with the fabric.

3:Now Attach Base Fabric:

Next step is to attach the fabric in appropriate directions. Next, join the pieces together and make the adjustments required.

4:Do Welting:

Now join the side panels with the fabric of the seat. Sew the welting from all the sides including right, left, top and bottom. Along with this, ensure properly finished edges.

5:Attach the backside:

Now attach the back panel. Then apply the adhesive strip on the back panel. The next step is to fold the edges of the back of the chair.

Tips on Sourcing Affordable Leather Materials:

Following are the tips for sourcing affordable and good quality leather materials:

Local Leather Tanneries: You can check out for local leather shops in your area. Sometimes these shops also offer discounts and deals.

Online Shops: There are numerous well-known websites as well, from where you can get good and affordable leather materials. These websites include Etsy, Alibaba, eBay, etc.

Wholesale Suppliers: You can also search for leather supplies wholesalers because they offer big discounts on bulk orders. As a result, you will get low prices per unit when you buy leather items in bulk.

Clearance Sales Events: There are numerous clearance sales events as well which offer clearance discounts to the retailers.

Budget friendly DIY Ideas:

Following are some of the budget friendly DIY ideas for converting normal chairs into leather chairs. It can be a fun and affordable project for many craft enthusiasts.

Faux Leather Upholstery:

You can change the upholstery of any normal chair with the faux leather fabric. For this, you have to purchase this fabric from a craft store and remove the previous fabric from the chair. Then adhere the new fabric on the upholstery.

Seat Cushion Makeover:

If you want to give a simple makeover to your normal chairs, then you can change the seat cushion with a leather fabric. For this, you can create a slip cover with leather. So you just have to sew the leather fabric on the cushion area, and it will increase the chair aesthetics.


If the condition of the chair’s frame is stable, then you can also paint it with the leather like finish. Choose a color similar to leather and do a base coating of the chair’s frame and then apply the dark shades with a brush to have a textured look.

Patch Work:

If you have any leather scrapes remaining with you from any of your previous project, then you can make a patch work on the normal chairs as well. This patch work can be done on the cushions or the back rest which adds more uniqueness and visual appeal to your piece.


Embrace elegance and charm by going on a journey of creativity. This can be done by transforming your simple chair into standing leather chairs. This makeover will help you in elevating the appeal of your space. The beauty of the transformed leather swivel chairs can be increased by different unique embellishments.

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