Comparing Leather Swivel Chair Prices in the UK

Leather swivel chairs Uk

There are numerous well-reputed brands in the UK, which provide you with premium leather swivel chairs. These chairs possess ergonomic design as well. There are numerous customizable options as well for the users. The price range of different brands varies based on their design and provision of features in the chair.

Comparing Leather Swivel Chair Prices in the UK:

Following is the description of different UK furniture brands, which provide you with high-quality leather swivel chairs. The price range of the chairs is provided to you in detail for all the brands below. This will give you an idea of the comparison of prices of the leather swivel chairs in the UK. So save money and buy high-quality leather chairs.


Ikea brand provides you with budget-friendly leather chair options. The price of these chairs starts from £150 and goes till £400. This company never sacrifice on the furniture quality. This brand a huge collection of leather swivel chairs. These chairs come in numerous sizes and types. Moreover, the chairs are best for the people who wants to have a budget-friendly and affordable furniture buying experience.

John Lewis & Partners:

It is a reputed furniture brand in the UK specializing in producing high-quality furniture. It includes other home décor items as well. The price range of the leather swivel chairs offered by this company is between £300-700. They have a wide range of furniture options which are affordable for the normal public as well. Their price range is much better than other well-reputed brands in the UK. So, you will be receiving mid-range priced furniture with stylish and comfy designs. It also guarantees you in terms of comfort, design, style, and craftsmanship.


Habitat company in the UK is known for its reasonable and modern style furniture. It has other home accessories as well apart from the leather chairs. The price range of the leather swivel chairs offered by Habitat company is between 300 pounds to 600 pounds. It provides you with mid-range pricing with a contemporary design. You will be getting high-quality leather swivel chairs that combine aesthetics with functionality. So they are constructed with high-quality craftsmanship and with a wide range of high-quality materials. You will surely be satisfied after purchasing the leather swivel chairs from this brand because they also add value to your money.

Chesterfield Company:

This company is known for producing classic furniture. It offers you with iconic-style chairs and sofas. The leather swivel chairs are their top-selling item. This is because they are made from premium quality leather and also possess classic designs. Superior craftsmanship is used in the construction of the chairs. You will also receive these chairs at premium pricing and with timeless designs. The price of leather swivel chairs goes above 700 pounds depending on the type and variety. The price is high compared to some brands because it possesses a premium leather finish with a timeless design that enhances the look of your interior.


This company is specialized in making Norwegian furniture and is known for its recliners mainly. The leather recliners are designed to enhance the comfort level and increase the seating experience of the people. They are ergonomic in design, which makes them preferable for offices. This brand also offers you leather swivel chairs which are produced from high-end leather with numerous ergonomic features. 

This is why it provides you with superior quality but at premium pricing. It is because of the comfortable technology used in this chair and the different customization options available for the users. You can get leather swivel chairs at 800 pounds and above from this brand. These chairs vary in pricing, depending on the design and features.


Sofology is another brand in the UK that is famous for its high range and stylish leather swivel chairs. They come in numerous customizable features that suit individuals of different tastes. The price of leather swivel chairs offered by this brand is minimum £500 and maximum £1200. 

Furniture Village:

This is a premium furniture-producing brand in the UK that has a wide range of home furniture for your interior décor. You will be getting durable leather swivel chairs of premium quality at more than £1000. It enhances both styles and comfort for the users.


After getting a price comparison of all the above-mentioned leather swivel chairs, you can easily get to know about the perfect and affordable leather chair for your home. You can also incorporate these chairs in your workplace as they are quite comfortable and soft.