How to Properly Care for Your Leather Swivel Chair

How to Properly Care for Your Leather Swivel Chair

Having a leather swivel chair at your home or workplace, then its maintenance and care is also necessary. It helps in maintaining the durability and longevity of the leather chairs. As leather is a very luxurious material, its regular maintenance also helps in preventing discoloration, drying or fading. So a complete leather swivel chair cleaning and maintenance routine should be followed in order to make them more durable and comfy.

Leather Swivel Chairs Step by Step Cleaning:

Following is a step by step guide for cleaning the leather swivel chairs regularly.

  • First gather all the materials that are required for the cleaning of these days. All the materials required for its cleaning can easily be found from your homes. These materials include vacuum cleaner, baking soda, water, dish soap and a clean cloth.
  • Next step is to vacuum the chair to remove its dirt and dust. Gentle vacuum cleaning is necessary daily for removing the dust which is done through a soft brush attachment with it.
  • Then take a damp cloth and wipe the surfaces of the chair.
  • After vacuuming it, the areas which are hard to reach can easily be cleaned with the cloth. Then use a dry cloth for removing moisture when the stains are removed.
  • Make a water and soap mixture. Then scrub on the leather surface of the chair. The dirt that cannot be removed with the help of a dry soft cloth will be removed with this mild water and soap solution.
  • Then deodorize your leather swivel chair with the help of baking soda. For this, sprinkle some soda on the leather chair and let it rest for sometime to remove odour.
  • When remove the baking soda through a vacuum and seal the leather chair with the help of a leather sealant. This coating will help in preserving it’s quality and enhancing the shine.

Conditioning Methods for Leather Swivel Chairs:

By conditioning the leather chairs, you can easily enhance the longevity and durability of these chairs. It will also increase the appearance of these chairs. Following are some of the conditioning methods to follow:

Quality Leather Conditioner: By using a good and reliable leather conditioner on your leather chairs, you can easily do it’s conditioning. For this, apply an even layer on the chair surface.

Spot Test: Take a small area and test the conditioner on it before applying on the whole chair. This helps to ensure the prevention from any discoloration or damage.

Absorption: After applying the conditioner, leave it for absorption.

Buffing: Once the conditioner is absorbed, buff the leather chair cushions with a dry cloth for restoring its shine.

  • By following all these conditioner methods, you can easily keep your leather swivel chairs shiny and durable for a long time.

How to Manage Spill and Stains on Leather Swivel Chairs?

There should be a complete management of stains and spills on the leather swivel chairs. For this, a prompt action should be taken. Following are some of the considerations for removing stains and spills from these leather chairs.

  1. Act quickly if there is any spell on the chairs by using a paper towel or a clean cloth. It will help in absorbing the liquid promptly.
  2. Avoid using and dangerous chemical on these leather chairs. This is because it can damage the leather finishing.
  3. If there are any stubborn stains, then always seek help from experienced people who have a great expertise in this field.

Leather Swivel Chairs Preventive Tips:

Here are some leather swivel chairs maintenance and care tips. They help in keeping the chair intact and in their top condition.

  • Avoid the exposure of these chairs to the direct sunlight because it’s colour can fade.
  • Keep all the sharp objects away from this chair because it’s leather can be torn if exposed to any sharp object.
  • Always use a dry cloth for removing the dirt otherwise the wet clothes can cause damping issue.
  • Don’t use any Ammonia products for cleaning your leather chairs.
  • Do regular conditioning of these chairs because leather becomes more shiny and soft after conditioning.
  • Always clean the stains quickly to remove the chances of discoloration. For this, you can use moist cloth or wipes.
  • For preventing any big damage to your leather swivel chairs, you can also consult a professional person who knows everything about leather furniture.


The leather swivel chairs are a comfortable piece for your living spaces. Their regular cleaning helps them in withstanding different environments and can be used for long time. They can be clean using different methods which are described in this article in detail. As a result, it will help in preventing the leather chairs from any potential damage.

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