The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Leather Swivel Chair

selecting the ideal leather swivel chair with our comprehensive guide

If you are finding comfort, versatility and functionality in one place, then the swivel chairs are a perfect choice for your home. It offers modernity, versatility and a variety of options that suit your preferences and needs. These chairs are also space saving. Unlike the traditional chairs used in your homes or office, the swivel chairs take less space in your room. This makes them ideal for your small apartments or any limited area.

Overall, the swivel chairs are made of high quality leather. There are different types of leather used in the construction of these chairs, including top grain leather, bonded leather, full grain leather and faux leather, which offers style, functionality and comfort in one place.

Types of Leather used in Swivel Chairs:

  1. Full Grain Leather:

Full grain leather is an outstanding choice for leather swivel chairs because they are highly durable and resistant to any ware and tear. Moreover, they are known best for their retaining properties, which adds uniqueness. As a result, it increases the appeal of your space. Also, the full grain leather ensures the longevity of your chairs and guarantees high quality craftsmanship. Following are some of the benefits associated with the construction of leather swivel chairs with the help of full grain leather.

Natural Quality Material:

Although the full grain leather is made of animal hide, it retains the texture of animal hide which includes grain patterns, wrinkles and scars. This helps in giving them an authentic, unique and surprising look.


The full grain leather is highly comfortable and changes itself in the shape of your body. Overall, it provides a prolonged sitting experience and enhanced comfort.

Easy Maintenance:

This type of leather is easy to maintain as compared to the other top grain leathers and faux leather. Moreover, the regular dusting and conditioning of this leather can make it more long-lasting and shiny for years.


The full grain leather is the most durable type of leather, which makes it more ideal for swivel chairs. This is because it can easily resist the different environmental conditions ware and tear and ensures longevity.

  1. Top Grain Leather:

The top grain leather is also used for the construction of leather swivel chairs, which makes them more stylish. It is also a very practical choice for office spaces and the living species in your home. It is also known for its versatility, smooth texture, durability and comfortability. This top grain leather also provides sophistication and comfort while having extended periods of working. Here you will also get to know about some of the benefits of using top grain leather in the construction of leather swivel chairs, which can be a best option for choosing the right swivel chair for your place.

Smooth Texture:

The top grain leather has an outer layer which is very smooth and results in a uniform texture. Moreover, it also adds elegance and luxuriousness to the swivel chairs.

Resistance to Scratches:

The top grain leather is also highly resistant to different scratches and stains. This helps them in maintaining and cleaning the chairs easily as compared to the other types of leather.


Unlike other leather types, the top grain leather can easily be finished and die into numerous colors. Because of this, they offer a wide range of color options that suit according to the individual’s preferences.

Timeless Appeal:

The top grain leather provides a blend of sophistication, spaciousness and beautiful appeal. It makes them ideal for leather swivel chairs. So you will get high quality leather swivel chairs if you search for the top grain leather construction of these chairs.

  1. Bonded Leather:

It is one of the most affordable options that comes with a blend of synthetic material and leather. Following are some of the characteristics of bonded leather used for the swivel chairs.


The swivel chairs made with bonded leather are more budget friendly as compared to the other types of leather. It makes them more cost effective option for the individuals having less money.


The bonded leather is designed in a way that it can be made similar to any design of your choice. After that it can give the feel of genuine leather, which offers variety of colors and styles for the swivel chairs.

Environment friendly:

The bonded leather is sometimes made of recycled leather pieces. This feature makes them more environment friendly and an ideal choice if you want to get a sustainable living environment.

Pros and Cons of Various Leather Finishes:

The leather swivel chairs made of different types of leather have both advantages and disadvantages. Following is the complete discussion of the merits and demerits of the leather finishing for the swivel chairs.

Pros of Leather Finishing:

  • It looks good and goes well with different types of space décor.
  • They are highly durable and reliable options for your living spaces.
  • The leather finish is easy to maintain and take care of because it is water-resistant and also resistant to various scratches.
  • They are the safest choice if you are a pet owner because they are odor repellent as well as scratch resistant.
  • Leather finishes add a luxurious touch to your modern interior.

Cons of Leather Finishes:

  • The leather swivel chairs made of genuine leather or top quality leather can be expensive because they will be long lasting and will be a one time investment for your place.
  • If exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, they can discolor. So always position it away from the sunlight exposure.
  • Leather furniture is available with fewer color options because the main colors of leather are mostly black, brown on neutral colours.
  • In hot weather, the leather can causes sticky feeling which makes the sitting experience uncomfortable. So don’t have extended periods of sitting on leather when it is too hot.

Tips on Selecting the Right Swivel Chairs Size and Style:

  1. Size:

When you are selecting the swivel chair for your office work or your living area, then always consider the seat depth and width. For this, you have to ensure that the seat is wide enough to accommodate high pressure and a wide area of thighs. It should not be narrow that it can affect the circulation.

Also, check the height of the chair, so that either it is adjustable to the work space or not. Along with this, your feet should also rest easily on the floor. If the chair is available with the arm rest, then also ensure the height and weight of the arm rest and adjust it carefully. Moreover, also check the weight capacity of the swivel chair to ensure that it can support heavy body weight. As a result, it will be free from any risk of instability or structural damage.

  1. Style:

When considering style for the selection of the right swivel chair, you should always choose a chair style that goes well with the design of your work space. Either your workspace is traditional or modern, the chair should enhance the look of your space. Along with style, you should also focus on the functionality of the swivel chair. So always look for a chair that has ergonomic features as well along with an appealing look. Furthermore, pay attention on the material of the leather finish as well, because the leather upholstery provides a very sophisticated and classic look.

So, by considering all these factors, you can choose a right swivel chair that can go well with the style, size and comfort level of the individual.

Maintenance and Care for Leather Swivel Chairs:

Following are some of the care and maintenance tips for the leather swivel chairs that should be followed:

Avoid Sunlight Exposure:

If you expose the leather furniture, especially the leather swivel chairs, in the direct sunlight, then the color can easily fade away. Along with this, leather can also become hard and start cracking. So it is highly important for the leather chairs to keep them out of the reach of sunlight. For this, you can also place a protective cover on them and place them away from the windows.

Vacuum with Brush:

There should be a brush attached with the vacuum for cleaning the leather swivel chairs because without a brush it can cause scratches on the chair. Also, ensure that the brush bristles are soft before starting cleaning of the chairs.

Protection from Sharp Objects:

You should avoid placing any sharp object near the swivel chairs because it can damage the leather upholstery easily.

Wipe with Dry Cloth:

For removing dust or dirt from your swivel chairs, wipe them with a dry cloth. This is because wet cloth can cause a little damage if used for a long time on these leather chairs.


Conditioning the leather can also serve as a great maintenance tip if done after every 6 to 12 months. This is because conditioning helps the leather to become soft and smooth.


The leather swivel chairs are a go to choice for your workspaces. They offer extended durability and comfortability for a long period. Moreover, this article guides about the selection of the right swivel chairs for your space.

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