The Best Leather Swivel Chairs for Small Living Spaces in the UK

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If you are residing in UK and want to add a small leather swivel chair in your room, then here is a complete guide on providing you with space-saving leather swivel chairs. These chairs are a blend of accurate functionality, style, and size. You will be getting an affordable range of leather chairs without sacrificing quality and comfort level. Moreover, the compact size of these chairs makes them unique. It adds a more contemporary style to your modern interiors. 

Along with this, the swivel feature that comes with these chairs adds more convenience to your daily living. Additionally, the high-quality leather used in these chairs increases comfort and durability and makes them a perfect practical choice for your living space.

  • Halo Groucho Leather Swivel Chair
  • Ikea Langfjall Swivel Chair
  • John Lewis & Partners Leather Swivel Chair
  • John Lewis & Partners Leather Swivel Chair
  • Habitat Pluto Leather Swivel Chair

Halo Groucho Leather Swivel Chair:

This small leather swivel chair adds a sophisticated design. It is highly crafted from efficient craftsmanship and high-quality leather. This chair is compact, which makes it an ideal choice for your small living spaces. This leather swivel chair is best in its functionality and provides easy rotation. This rotating feature of these leather chairs makes them perfect for watching TV or working in small living areas. It is compact, but its ergonomic design provides you with extended comfort. In this way, you will be getting a comfortable seating experience.

Ikea Langfjall Swivel Chair:

This chair possesses a minimalist design with highly functional features. It mainly focuses on the comfort of the user, which makes it a perfect choice for modern interiors. This chair will also enhance the aesthetics of your space if it is less spacious. It provides you with a tilting function and an adjustable height feature as well. This customizable comfort feature makes it a more unique and preferable choice for people. 

Moreover, if you are seeking a space-saving solution, then this Ikea Langfjall Swivel Chair is the best option to choose. This is because it is also budget-friendly and never compromises on style or comfort level. Along with this, you will be provided with more enhanced aesthetics.

John Lewis & Partners Leather Swivel Chair:

This chair has a leather upholstery and unique style. It is a perfect addition to your small living room. This chair offers contemporary elegance along with adding beauty to your space. Its compact size makes it more unique and versatile for fitting into small rooms. This is because it helps in maximizing the space without any compromise on the quality. In addition to this, this chair also has a swivel base, which increases its versatility. This feature helps individuals to change their positions easily. So, you can easily choose this John Lewis leather swivel chair for getting an enhanced experience and look if you are renovating your small space.

Habitat Pluto Leather Swivel Chair:

For adding a contemporary charm to your living space, then this chair is a perfect pick. This chair is a mixture of sophistication, professional design, and practicality. It increases the look of your interior, which makes it a perfect choice for limited spaces. Moreover, the space optimization feature of this chair is more considerable and well-suited for small areas. So, in the small living rooms, it not only fits easily to the interior but also increases the comfort level of the users.

DFS Zest Leather Swivel Chair:

This DFS Zest Leather chair possesses a very contemporary design for modern aesthetics. It also comprises premium leather upholstery, which makes it more unique and a preferable choice for your interiors. If you are having a small living space, then this chair is specifically designed for you. This is because it has a compact size but it does not compromise on the comfort level of the individuals. This feature makes it a perfect solution for your drawing rooms or living rooms. 

Along with this, the swivel base of this chair makes it more practical. It also provides you with flexibility and effortless movement in your small room. So they are best for limited spaces and urban dwellers.


The above-mentioned leather swivel chairs possess minimal designs. They are best for combining comfort and style in your living area. So if you have a small space in your home in the UK, then these chairs can easily fit the ambiance. Along with this, it provides you with easy movement and stylish appearance. As a result, their support and stability provide you with a touch of luxury as well.