Leather Swivel Chair vs. Fabric Swivel Chair: Which is Right for You?

Discover the pros and cons of leather vs. fabric swivel chairs to find the perfect fit for your style and needs. Make the right choice today!

If you are searching for functionality and modernism in a single place, then you can easily buy the swivel chairs. There are many sizes, types and colors of these chairs. The designs and patterns of the swivel chairs are also really exceptional. Here, this article will tell you more details regarding the comparison between the features of fabric and leather swivel chairs.


The durability of the chair’s is very essential. Now we are comparing the durability of the leather and fabric swivel chairs: 

Leather Swivel Chair:

The leather chairs possess a long-lasting feature. Also, these chairs are very modern and luxurious. They are best for their longevity and are preferable for people who spend most of their time sitting on the chairs. The foam padding of these leather swivel chairs provides a very comfortable backrest. Moreover, the arm rests are also there, which help in accommodating the various body sizes and types. Thus, leather chairs provide more comfort as compared to fabric chairs.

Fabric Chairs:

The fabric chairs comparatively, are made from different types of fabrics. It comprises polyester, cotton, linen, velvet, etc. These fabrics are not very durable compared to leather. Sometimes, the fabric chair is also made of mesh which can easily be torn out. The fabric backrest is a good addition to the chairs but is not as stable as the leather swivel chairs.

Comfort Level

Comfort level is necessary for the people who spend their majority of time on these chairs. Now we will be discussing the comfort level of both the leather chairs and the fabric swivel chairs.

Leather Swivel Chairs:

The leather swivel chairs have a very comfortable feeling. It mainly relies on the type of leather. There are different types which are durable, smooth and ensure a comfortable experience.

Fabric Swivel Chairs:

There are numerous textures in which these fabric chairs are available. It range from soft to more coarse materials, but the leather chairs are cozier and more comfortable as compared to the fabric chairs. But when you talk about the breathability rate of the fabric chairs, it is more compared to leather swivel chairs. This is because the fabric is highly porous and promotes a cooler seating experience. So, during hot climates, the fabric chairs are more preferable compared to the leather swivel chairs.

Maintenance Requirements

When we compare the maintenance and care tips of the fabric and the leather swivel chairs, it includes many factors. These include cleaning, stain resistance and different care tips.

Leather Swivel Chairs:

These chairs are easy to clean compared to the fabric chairs. Moreover, they don’t require regular maintenance. It is because the leather is long-lasting and soft. But the leather swivel chairs have less stain resistance property as compared to fabric chairs.

Fabric Swivel Chairs:

Discussing the cleaning methods of fabric swivel chairs, these chairs require more cleaning as compared to leather chairs. But they have a higher stain resistance. The fabric chairs require more vacuum cleaning and conditioning. But the leather chairs doesn’t have the need of regular cleaning. Furthermore, the durability of the fabric chairs can change depending on the type of the fabric. Although there are some fabrics that are very durable, the durability of the leather swivel chairs is outstanding.

Design Comparability

Talking about the comparison of leather swivel chairs and fabric swivel chairs in response to style, design and colour patterns, following are the details.

Leather Swivel Chairs:

All the leather swivel chairs come in typical bold colours, including brown, black and white. So they don’t offer a wide range of color options. Moreover, the leather chairs also come in solid patterns. They may be available in embossed patterns or stitched patterns to enhance the visual appeal of the chairs.

Fabric Swivel Chairs:

In comparison to leather swivel chairs, the fabric chairs are available in a wide range of options, which allows for long-lasting creativity. It can also help in matching any décor of your space. Along with this, the fabric swivel chairs also come in numerous patterns including florals, cheque, prints, geometrics, solids and stripes, which helps in increasing their versatility.


This is an accurate comparison between the leather and fabric swivel chairs. Both have their own specific properties that make them unique. When talking about the design appearance, style and colour, the fabric chairs are more preferable compared to the leather swivel chairs. But when we talk about the comfort level and ergonomic design, then the leather swivel chairs are more in demand.

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